14 WinMd5Sum Alternatives

WinMd5Sum is a free and open-source tool used to calculate and verify the MD5 hash values of files on Windows

14 Checksum Alternatives

Checksum is an algorithm used to detect errors in digital data and verify the integrity of data files. It helps

14 MD5sums Alternatives

MD5sums is an open-source platform commonly used to verify the integrity of files. It generates a unique 128-bit hash value,

14 HashTools Alternatives

HashTools is an open-source app and software program that performs cryptographic hashing functions. Cryptographic hashing is a process of taking

14 Md5Checker Alternatives

Md5Checker is a simple and reliable tool used to verify data integrity. It uses the MD5 algorithm to generate a

14 GtkHash Alternatives

GtkHash is a free and open-source platform offering a graphical utility for computing message digests, checksums, and HMACs of files

14 HashMyFiles Alternatives

HashMyFiles is a free software utility developed by NirSoft that allows users to calculate the hash values of MD5, SHA-1,

14 wxChecksums Alternatives

wxChecksums is a file integrity verification tool that allows users to verify the integrity of files on their computers using

14 MultiHasher Alternatives

MultiHasher is an easy-to-use hash calculator that computes multiple hash values from a single input. MultiHasher algorithms generate multiple output

14 MD5summer Alternatives

MD5summer is a free, open-source application works for more than ten years. It enables users to generate and verify MD5

14 QuickSFV Alternatives

QuickSFV is an open-source app that checks the integrity of files using the SFV (Simple File Verification) format. It is

14 HashCalc Alternatives

HashCalc is a free, easy-to-use tool for calculating and computing hash values of files, checksums, or text. It offers a

14 Hashtab Alternatives

Hashtab is an open-source software program that allows users to quickly check and verify the integrity of files on their