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19 Cartoons Like The Boss Baby: Family Business

The Boss Baby: Family Business is a 2021 computer-animated comedy film directed by Tom McGrath and produced by DreamWorks Animation. The film follow-up to the 2017 “The Boss Baby: Family Business” story follows the Templeton brothers, Tim and Ted, who are now adults and have grown apart. Tim is a stay-at-home dad, while Ted is a successful businessman.

However, they reunite when a new Boss Baby, Tina, appears and enlists their help to stop a criminal genius from turning babies into monsters. The series explores themes of family, love, and the importance of childhood memories. With a star-studded cast, including Alec Baldwin, Jeff Goldblum, and Lisa Kudrow, “The Boss Baby: Family Business is a fun and heartwarming family movie.


  • Animated series
  • Comedy version
  • Family and love themes
  • Popular movie
  • Two brothers story

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