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15 Books Like Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga is a manga series written and illustrated by Makoto Yukimura. The story follows the life of Thorfinn, a young Viking warrior who seeks revenge against Askeladd, the mercenary leader who killed his father. As Thorfinn joins Askeladd’s band, he discovers that revenge is not the only reason for fighting and begins questioning the meaning of violence and his identity.

In addition, the series Vinland Saga explores themes of war, honor, and the consequences of violence. Further, with its complex characters, intricate plot, and stunning artwork, Vinland Saga has become a critically acclaimed and beloved manga series that appeals to action and drama fans.


  • Manga series
  • Tragic theme
  • Complex character
  • Stunning artwork
  • Popular content

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    1: Berserk


    Berserk is a dark fantasy series written and adorned by Kentaro Miura. The story follows the journey of Guts, a skilled warrior seeking revenge against his former best friend Griffith, who betrayed him and sacrificed their comrades to become a powerful demon, Femto. The series explores betrayal, revenge, human nature, and the consequences of obsession and ambition. Berserk is known for its intense and graphic violence, as well as its detailed artwork and character development. Miura's meticulous attention to detail…

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